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    When decorating, office partition should how to avoid the waste

    Thrift is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, save in the decoration is a lot of wealth. So how can you in decorating on the premise of guarantee the quality of decoration and avoid unnecessary waste, now follow fosan Meg partition business here learning.

    Method one: use leftover material idea to sell more decorate material is inevitable, big advocate material such as ceramic tile has a surplus can return, but other materials such as light switches, putty powder, security doors, cement, sand, emulsioni paint, such as if to throw away, not only waste, some is also very serious pollution to the environment. According to the Meg partition companies understand, a lot of people like bubble BBS often take home the excess stock information released to decorate some BBS, all looking for buyers, while others need these material, to decorate or modified are usually like to surf the net to buy cheap and fine materials, so using the remaining materials science. In addition, the renovation of their own to decorate material, through the BBS and other owners to exchange their required of the material, can very good reduce waste decorate.

    Method 2: the good decorate a design off fosan Meg partition business warns customer, do decorate a design must be carefully considered each link, a decision as far as possible, avoid decorating a process to modify, causing unnecessary waste. It is understood that some designers in order to improve the cost, often encourage consumers to increase so many practical items, so be sure to give good design, should advocate contracted, practical design principles, contracted decorate not only reduce waste, also can reduce pollution, because decorate material used, the more the higher pollution levels.

    Way three: tendency to fine decoration and integrated waste caused by household to decorate, fosan Meg partition companies have been advocating fine decoration room, because it can reduce the decoration of various waste. So from the perspective of saving cost, can buy a fine decoration houses, if can also choose to decorate the adornment company has many brand integration function, because when integrated household decorates advocate material purchasing owner can enjoy more favorable brand, improve the renovation cost performance.

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