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    New ways to tooling building materials industry in China in 2017

    In recent years, the rapid development of our country economic society and people living standard rise continually promote the reform and innovation of the tooling building materials industry, gradually from the traditional practical to economical decorate decorate, this requires not only the environment and energy saving requirements, will also have the intelligent and personalized requirements, only achieve democracy, diversity, human nature can better serve the needs of development and the state of modern people.

    Office building decoration design

    Green environmental protection as a national and people attach importance to hot spots, relevant departments of the analysis pointed out that more than 50% of consumers will be the rules of the product is in compliance with national standards and meets the environmental protection index parameters as the main reference of tooling issues. Both building materials manufacturers, and decoration companies are to follow the green environmental protection idea, deep awareness to the importance of environmental protection and energy saving green building materials, can better adapt to the development of today's society.

    Tooling building materials industry cluster base in China are mainly distributed in zhejiang, jiangsu, hebei, guangdong, fujian and other coastal areas, constantly expand to the mainland of the industry chain and collection of the materials, construction, service, each link. Can be seen in the tooling building materials market in our country the development of ability still exists insufficiency, in the face of the ecological environment protection at the same time, the ongoing technological innovation and development, improve production and the use of green building materials products has become the trend of the development of the industry transformation.

    The office partition

    In 2013, the domestic real estate regulation and control to further advance, after the tooling building materials industry development in our country is affected by the larger, but after a period of low, as the developers have the investment real estate construction focus on the development of second - and third-tier cities, gradually bring to building materials market rebound opportunities. According to the relevant personnel, as consumers of tooling building materials product of rational choice, to pay more and more attention to in the influence of the brand, so the core of building brand value can form the representatives of all kinds of products

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