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    High partition products advantages and installation considerations

    High compartment is also called high partition wall or partition, partition decoration is often used in office or office building decoration and other office commercial space partition, partition decoration industry has been well applied, make our products, office partition decoration of choice for customers high office cubicle is not only simple and rapid installation, can tear open outfit reuse, and the price is reasonable, beautiful fashion, better highlights efficient fashion office culture.

    High partition wall there are two types: plank high compartment and glass cubicles, selection of thickness from 65 mm to 86 mm, the structure and toughened double deck glass, aluminum profile and adjustable shutter shade.

    Fixed high partition type many, the traditional plaster walls and melamine plate, etc., the current market popular single-layer glass, double glazing and hundreds of pages, and transparent glass grinding sand to higher and middle plate fixed high compartment and other practices, overall appearance elegant appearance, flexible style, superior processing technology and the structure of the product performance, the structure of the independent components make the installation, maintenance, disassembly, repeated use of more efficient, with good sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental performance.

    High partition function pursuit of visual effects and application of the dual advantages of built-in magnesium aluminum louvers, opens to show fully bright office corridor; Build intimate personal office space when closed, provides an ideal environment, fly to people but also can make the office environment contains different ideas and emotions, which is high partition can be the main reason for the high speed development in terms of office decorate.

    High partition installation for the installation of drainage, sewage must be installed in advance. Drainage facilities after the installation can be laid floor tile, ceramic tile, should advance when laying good partition size. The most important is higher than the ground at the bottom of the partition, it can effectively prevent the leakage, water seepage. Prohibited in the toilet and bathroom use slide types of partition, because in the long run of ropeway will water, dirt, debris, breeding ground for bacteria, parasites and peculiar smell, bring great harm to people's health.

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