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    The Meg partition wall partition - teach you use

    Under the high housing prices, a lot of people can only choose the small family, but when decorating, may face problems in the housing space function is not complete. Designers tend to adopt the way of space space, enhance the use function of the bedroom. Sitting room space if receive a visitor area and dining area. The bedroom space into a rest area and the workspace; Not the space of the sitting room to the living room; Without the guest lies separated out the guest lies; No space such as the study of the study. Partition material is numerous, but the market advantages and disadvantages of each ways in how to choose the way to separate according to the characteristics of the room? Let's listen to the designer.

    Priority function

    Stylist introduction, space space depend on partition, at the same time be both practical and beautiful. For the use of partition design, function must be in the first place. "On the basis of satisfying practical function, and add individuality hobby of bedroom host and the designer's aesthetic interest, fluctuate in modelling, can make a beautiful and practical space space."

    Partition the main effect is disjunctive space, add some shade to space, add a level, also have the effect of beautification space, so in many places all need to do is cut off.

    The first is the hall. If there is no partition hallway and sitting room are linked together, can make a sitting room take in everything in a glance, a partition, the space have administrative levels feeling, and shoe ark can be combined with partition design, practical functions do not decrease.

    The second is the living room. Now many families sitting room and dining-room syncretic, except for the division of two functional areas land stage, lighting, ceiling, more decorative effect way is to do a beautiful partition. Some open mode kitchen and sitting room are linked together, at one end of the counter for the partition of a modelling concise and easy, also can yet be regarded as a kind of economical and practical design. In addition, small family room such as share the study bedroom, also can make a partition, at the foot of the bed that night lights not disturb sleep. Large bathroom to wet partition, partition to separate is also available.

    In accordance with the design style

    The current partition method from the position can be divided into fixed partition and activity partition; From separation effect can be divided into totally enclosed and semi-enclosed and divided into open type three; From the source, and can be divided into two categories, purchased by the owner and the field production. The classification of these seemingly messy and the relevance of logically, stationary, open and field production class is a category; Activity type, semi-closed, open wide type, to purchase belongs to a category. At present there are walls partition that is commonly used in domestic outfit design, bead curtain partition partition, screen, short ark, partition, glass partition, partition of the bar, the sliding door partition, partition layer partition, cloth art, combination partition, etc.

    "Partition partition, lie between and constantly" is the view of the partition, but from the perspective of the designer, sometimes need to be a complete in two space; Sometimes need to geographical space and spatial coherence. Lie between and, therefore, continuously is the designer's eyes half closed and open space space method, and the enclosed space method has its existing reason. Partition to be fixed or flexible change; Like light insulation, sound insulation, or appear a gender, must according to the building design and the actual usage decision.

    The cost of different

    Partition of the production, purchase, use, adornment is decorated in the family as a independent a separate quotation. It depends on the price of the material, size, process and design of different and have very big difference. Gypsum board, wood such as made of the partition of modelling is simple, just a few hundred yuan, made of high-grade material such as glass brick, stone the partition with larger area, can cost thousands of dollars. Some materials such as iron, steel, aluminum and other special processing, such as carved trough, bending to the requirement of process is higher, corresponding the partition of the price will increase. The price comparability of partition is not big, combined with their own economic strength to owner determined in consultation with the designer.

    In addition to partition, there are some furniture also can have the effect of partition, the prices are different. Of the desk in furniture, chair, sofa, tea table, high and low ark, can use disjunctive space. For example, a room 18 square metre, used to receive a visitor already, serve as a bedroom again, can with sofa and short ark to round into a sitting room, will comprise a bedroom with short ark and bed. Similarly, some open shelves and display stand is very commonly used partition furniture. Overcrowded room because it is difficult to design according to partition type furniture is decorated, in separating type furniture position, the most important thing is to solve flow problems of the space, should save as far as possible cover an area of an area, rather than considering the economic costs.

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